Boston, you’re OK. Cambridge, get it together!

During my morning commute today, I got cut off by not one but THREE drivers in the space of one block on Mass Ave.  The offending block?  Probably the worst one on my commute on a good day – between the Mass Ave bridge and Vassar Street.  The shittyness actually extends to Albany Street.

If you are cycling through this hellacious area, be alert and slow down!  I’ve seen many accidents around here, and cyclists have been killed.  Be especially careful of people making right turns.  In fact, I usually assume everyone in the right lane is turning right but not signaling.  It does not pay to try to pass them on the right at the intersections of Albany or Vassar – they will just run you down.

Anyway, on to this morning’s complaints.  First, an airhead started pulling into me.  I had to smack her car with my hand to alert her that she was about to kill me.

Almost immediately after that narrow escape, a Partners Healthcare van pulled out without warning from a parallel parking space (in the bus stop, I might add).  The tour bus that was parked in front of it pulled out at the same time, a graceful synchronized attempt to flatten me.

Has anyone else noticed how bad the Partners van drivers are, BTW?  I’ve had many run-ins with them on this stretch of roadway.  Not literal run-ins, but very poor driver behavior (ie “what bicycle?”).

I turned into raging psycho cyclist. I’m sure you’re familiar with this devil, perhaps you have become one yourself.  I caught up to the van at the next light and screamed at the driver.  Riding off alone, I felt a bit of a fool, since pedestrians must have been like “what is her problem?” but seriously, WTF?

So I just wrote an email to Partners and I wrote this, so I guess I can relax and get to work.  Be careful out there, drivers and cyclists!

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