The Fall

Ah, Boston, fall is upon us.  Time for my yearly blog post!  (Suzanne, I know you’ve missed me!)

I love riding my bike every day in Boston and Cambridge.  Anywhere, really.  But we are presently in my least favorite time of year for cycling.  It’s almost as bad as spring!  It’s Back to School time!  New cyclists, new drivers, new pedestrians.  The new cyclists are the worst, though.  Showing off, being flakes, getting in my damn way.

Dear new kids, please don’t forget to take your manners with you when you are leaving the house.

  • Do not pass on the right.  I will punch you in the nose.
  • Do not cut the line at stop lights.  Pass on the left, while actually overtaking.  You don’t cut people in line at the grocery store just because you assume you have fewer items, or do you?
  • Stop at stop lights, however briefly.  I don’t care if you treat a red light like a stop sign, as long as you treat stop signs with proper respect.
  • Stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.  We all have to get off our bicycles sometime.
  • Ride on the right side of the street.  If you’re, heaven forbid, riding the wrong way on a one-way street, at least make sure you’re on the correct side of the road.  Other cyclists will thank you.
  • If you pull up right next to me, say hi!

Until next time, be seeing you.

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3 Responses to The Fall

  1. Suzanne says:

    I have indeed missed you, Cranky C!

  2. crankycoffey says:

    I agree with everything you just said!

  3. Charlie says:

    I’ve noticed more other bicyclists passing me on the right than in the past. It’s really annoying! There is a reason I’m taking the lane and not riding in the door zone! The worst is when I pass someone (on the left) who is riding much more slowly than me, then they catch up to me as I’m waiting at a red light, pass me on the right and then proceed blissfully through the red light. I just have to pass them again in 30 seconds. It’s so rude! The same principle applies to roads with no bike lanes and narrow travel lanes. If a car passes you and you catch up to it at an intersection, just wait behind it because if you filter up in front they’re just going to have to pass you again when the light turns green. I realize motorists can be asshats sometimes but that doesn’t mean bicyclists need to be too!

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