I will not go to war

I often feel like war has been declared between cyclists and drivers of cars. I’m not enlisting.

I learned to drive in Boston and I still do it now and then. I bicycle Boston-Cambridge every day.

Last night I was biking down Mass Ave, and a common situation occured. A bus was turning right, and was stopped at a green light to let people cross the street. There was a car stopped behind the bus; I assumed it was going to turn right. I passed both on the left, but startled the driver of the car, who yelled something.

I caught up to the driver at a red light at the next intersection. His window was open & he was peering out at me. I smiled and said, “I’m sorry, I was just trying to pass that bus.” I think my apology and smile diffused the situation, and we had a brief but civilized discussion about what happened & why.   We both went on our way more respectful of the other person and glad of the chat.

I felt like a truce had been called.

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